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Unlocking pre-1850 instrumental meteorological information: A world stock

From the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society

Stefan Brönnimann

Affiliations Institute of Geography and Oeschger Centre, College of Bern, Switzerland

Revealed On-line: 10 September 2019


A world stock of early instrumental meteorological measurements is compiled. It includes 1000’s of sequence, a lot of which haven’t been digitized, pointing to the potential of climate information rescue.

Instrumental meteorological measurements from intervals previous to the beginning of nationwide climate companies are designated “early instrumental information”. They’ve performed an vital position in local weather analysis as they permit daily-to-decadal variability and modifications of temperature, stress, and precipitation, together with extremes, to be addressed. Early instrumental information may assist place 21st century climatic modifications right into a historic context similar to to outline pre-industrial local weather and its variability. Till just lately, the main focus was on lengthy, high-quality sequence, whereas the massive variety of shorter sequence (which collectively additionally cowl lengthy intervals) obtained little to no consideration. The shift in local weather and local weather influence analysis from imply local weather traits in the direction of climate variability and extremes, in addition to the success of historic reanalyses which make use of quick sequence, generates a necessity for finding and exploring additional early instrumental measurements. Nonetheless, info on early instrumental sequence has by no means been electronically compiled on a worldwide scale. Right here we try a worldwide compilation of metadata on early instrumental meteorological information previous to 1850 (1890 for Africa and the Arctic). Our world stock includes info on a number of thousand information, about half of which haven’t but been digitized (not whilst month-to-month means), and solely roughly 20% of which have made it to world repositories. The stock will assist to prioritize information rescue efforts and can be utilized to research the potential feasibility of historic climate information merchandise. The stock will probably be maintained as a dwelling doc and is a primary, crucial, step in the direction of the systematic rescue and re-evaluation of those extremely useful early information. Additions to the stock are welcomed.

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